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Foldable Box Is Widely Used Cardboard Box For Packaging Any Products
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The advantages of the foldable box.

Foldable box is easy to load in small volume, widely used for packaging any products you can imagine, toys, medicines, flowers, calendars, calculators, sport bottles, wine bottle, glasses, cloths, laptops, bags, etc.

Cardboard box
is most important thing for packaging, and the best way to represent a concise company image to new and established clients. Some thick board made boxes are inherently strong, tough and durable can be used for long time, for example the wine box. Most of the cardboard boxes materials are recyclable and environmental.

Print or Stamp your LOGO on the box.

Use special nice paper wrapping over the box.

There are some advantages as below:
1. Best quality material selection.
2. Enviromental-friendly, recycle.
3. Durable and lightness.
4. Easy to assemble, carry and store.
5. Flat packed to save the shipping cost.

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