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Color Box Printing Can Combine Any Color
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Color box printing four basic colors C \ M \ Y \ K, respectively, blue, red, yellow, black. After the four colors are not the same ratio, color box printing can combine any color.

color boxColor box printing four basic colors C M Y K, respectively, blue, red, yellow, black. After the four colors are not the same ratio, color box printing can combine any color. Which is much smaller than RGB, so in general, the packaging box printing screen can be displayed beyond the color can be printed so in the manufacture of print products should pay attention to the primary color applied to some specific trademarks because the spot color is not only By the four-color distribution, so the four-color can not be assigned to the spot color, Color Boxes Printing so the packaging box printing and printing to add a piece of color palette, such as PANTONE color will be RGB, Qingxi box world box, CMYK grade 12 The basic color distribution made the most simple, for example, to facilitate a more intuitive understanding of the same green is the time in the painting, if there is a green time, you can directly use, Color Boxes Printing when the green run out of time , You can only yellow and blue by the mix of color, the same can get green that is the same green.

Color box over UV is in the box outside the packaging of the printed pattern above a layer of oil, so that the surface of the color box to get bright VU film, Color Boxes Printing also known as printing glazing. Mainly to increase the brightness of the box to protect the box surface to its high hardness, lighting box printing, corrosion-resistant friction, not prone to scratches, etc., the general color box surface will not be covered, lighting box manufacturers, color Box made UV, so that the product printing patterns look more colorful, Color Boxes Printing but UV products are not easy to bond, and some can only be resolved by local UV or grinding.

The traditional product design is based on the mass production since the formation of mass production on the way, which means that consumer differences in the design process is difficult to reflect. In pursuit of mass production, consumers are assumed to be exactly the same, Color Boxes Printing individual needs are ignored. Such as the size of the shoe is a typical embodiment of this design: the previous design pattern is to allow consumers to change the foot type and sports habits to adapt to limited size and model, and 3D box printing technology can be based on consumer personal foot , Exercise habits designed with its fully matched products. 3D printing technology makes the product's personalized design and production possible. Consumers can according to their own conditions, preferences and even different products using the scene to design and production. The use of color box printing can be customized products, people from the product thousands of people turn to ten people, one person, so that one person ten, Color Boxes Printing truly people-oriented.

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    Color Box Printing Can Combine Any Color

    Color box printing four basic colors C  M  Y  K, respectively, blue, red, yellow, black. After the four colors are not the same ratio, color box printing can combine any color. 

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