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Importance Of Packaging And Printing
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Packaging and printing as a gift PR activities of the last link, its importance is self-evident.
Characteristics of several common packaging printing processes

packagingCompared with other enterprises involved in the printed matter, packaging printing if failed, can say more cups, the original high-grade, the atmosphere is very popular gifts, but in the packaging link problem led to the overall planning of the failure, jinyu among them, weed, but let customers belittle the planning ability of enterprises.

Therefore, packaging and printing as a gift PR activities of the last link, its importance is self-evident.

1. Design

The design links are divided into two parts: design and design.

How to be able to head, to the target customer first eye surprise, shape design is undoubtedly the first hurdle. Traditional square packaging modeling, Bags Printing easy to carry, if the design does not give force, will flow in mediocrity, quickly forgotten by customers. In recent years, the design of special-shaped packaging has been more and more popular, even the special collection of people, its advertising effect is obvious.

Of course, the high cost of special-shaped packaging, design cycle and difficulty are relatively large, coupled with the inherent defects of not easy to carry, Bags Printing or let many enterprises to deter. In this case, the pattern design becomes the focus.

2. Material

Some also have to consider the outer packaging, that is, the plate. Wrapping paper generally requires high strength, low water content, relatively small permeability, anti-corrosion, Bags Printing and a certain degree of water-resistance. If food packaging, but also to consider health, aseptic and non-polluting impurities.

Commonly used wrapping paper has cowhide, chicken skin, paper bag, sheepskin, glass, tar, moisture-proof, neutral packaging, translucent, rust-proof, oil-resistant, paraffin, tea bags, vacuum aluminized, and composite papers.

3. Prepress processing

Some gift packaging needs to consider moisture, waterproof, Bags Printing oil prevention. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the use of laminating process as little as possible, after all, it will also cause white pollution, and coated paper can not be recycled.

Application of packaging printing in different market segments

1. Folding Carton

In the area of folding carton application, mainly cosmetics, frozen food, cigarettes, medicine and other fields, Offsctdruckereien dominate position, Bags Printing the main printing method is a single sheet of paper printing, can be achieved on-line surface finishing, such as UV glazing, and die-cutting or embossing and other prepress processing technology can only be completed offline. From the current application situation, Bags Printing the future Offsctdruckereien in the field of folding carton market share can only achieve the expected small growth.

In addition, some of the paper gravure printing for tobacco packaging, and the relatively small share of sheet-fed gravure printing, its market share is shrinking, and Flexo will accept a small share of the market, but even if flexo printing can provide offsctdruckereien of many times the capacity of the market in this segment is still not good, because Offsctdruckereien to create a "fortress" is too strong, Bags Printing printing enterprises afraid of transformation, but digital printing can be achieved by personalized printing and more easily accepted.

2. Film Packaging

Film packaging such as plastic bags, cover films or envelopes for sweets, food and frozen foods is the second important market segment in the packaging and printing market. Web Gravure printing In this niche market has a good positioning, is generally considered to have a good quality of printing, Bags Printing but in recent years, the Web gravure printing lack of flexibility and seihan cost of the "short board" increasingly prominent. Flexo printing At present in this market niche has established a solid market position, in the printing quality is also continuing progress.

For some time, digital printing has tried to break into this niche market with its low-cost short version and personalized printing advantage. Bags Printing But today digital printing is almost useless in packaging and printing, mainly because of the high cost of printing, and the short and personalized printing advantages quickly run out. Of course, the author believes that with the rapid development of technology, the high cost of digital printing problems will be solved, and then digital printing will usher in a significant increase.

3. Label

The current variety of labels, not only wet adhesive labels, but also self-adhesive label and sleeve label. Among them, in the foreseeable future, the wet adhesive label will still use Offsctdruckereien process printing, and market share will not grow. Gravure printing is mainly used for printing special self-adhesive labels and some wet adhesive labels, the former market share will be slightly increased, Bags Printing and the latter will face shrinkage. Flexo printing, although in the Self-adhesive label printing is strong, but the recent impact of digital printing, the expected market share will be reduced; In contrast, the application of Flexo printing in the field of sleeve labeling will achieve significant growth. In the field of self-adhesive label printing, Bags Printing digital printing has taken the second place, although it can not reach the first place soon, but will win more market share in the future.

4. Corrugated board

This market segmentation of the two traditional printing process is offsctdruckereien and flexo printing, offsctdruckereien mainly to achieve pre-printed, and flexo printing can not only achieve pre-printed, but also to complete direct printing. Due to the higher cost, the author predicts that Offsctdruckereien will gradually stagnate in this segment market, and Flexo printing with the continuous improvement of printing quality, with greater potential for growth, but also from pre-printed to direct printing process.

However, it is necessary to note that the current corrugated paper printing market is suffering from digital printing "beach." Although the cost of digital printing is higher, Bags Printing but this is not a foregone conclusion, the future digital printing in this market segment will usher in a larger growth space.

The distribution of the market share of packaging and printing technology has been changing quietly under the influence of the increasing number of packaging printing, the variety of varieties, the continuous fragmentation of print and the multiple language versions. The author thinks, "Tomorrow" the packaging printing will still be based on traditional printing, digital printing will be the most advantageous supplement. Although digital printing already exists, but in order to achieve "full coverage" in the field of packaging and printing, at least 10 years to look forward to the arrival of that day.

At present, in the global printing market, the packaging and printing market growth momentum remains strong, and thus become a global printing industry, one of the areas of particular concern. Timely understanding of the packaging and printing market situation, process changes, printing enterprises to implement the investment plan is very important. To this end, Professor Martin Dreher, a flexible technology center at Stuttgart Media College, analyzes the characteristics and application situation of the current packaging and printing technology, and hopes to inspire the industry colleagues.

Characteristics of several common packaging printing processes

In principle, all printing processes can be used for packaging and printing, but the largest market share is undoubtedly offset printing, Bags Printing gravure and flexo printing, and its share of the size of regional differences, product types, printing material types, etc. have a great relationship.

1. Offset printing

Offsctdruckereien has been known for its good quality and low cost of printing. With the help of highly automatic equipment, the quality of Offsctdruckereien can be well controlled, but the inevitable color change and fluctuation of offset printing is the main problem, and it lacks certain dimension variability in Web printing. The author believes that the development potential of Offsctdruckereien has been exhausted, Bags Printing in the printing quality and production profit will not be more of the promotion.

2. gravure printing

Gravure printing ability, ink drying energy consumption is high, but Seihan time long, high cost, usually applicable to high-quality, high-volume, substrate smoothness suitable for packaging and printing. But the short version of packaging printing trend, making this printing process face more and more challenges.

3. Flexo Printing

Although Flexo printing can only print simple living pieces of the past, but it still can not get rid of the reputation of not being able to provide high-quality printing, which may be true, but in some respects, flexo printing quality has surpassed other printing process quality, such cases are not uncommon. For example, it has been fully confirmed that flexo printing can provide greater color gamut space than offset printing. As a simple way to process a variety of substrate, flexo printing has now become the world's most lucrative packaging printing process.

4. Digital printing

Digital printing does not need to be seihan, and can provide variable data printing, making printing content Zhang Zhang different, but because the printing cost is very high, so that in the foreseeable future can not cover the entire packaging and printing market.

When observing the global packaging and printing market (excluding the folding carton printing market), we can see that flexo dominates the Western Hemisphere, while gravure is predominant in the old world. There may be historical reasons for this, since Flexo originated in North America, where it has traditionally been rarely packaged with gravure printing. According to the author's view, Bags Printing Gravure printing in Asia has a high market share in the same tradition, mainly due to lax environmental legislation. Although environmental legislation in Asia has become stricter in recent years, the market share of gravure printing will not fall immediately.

Europe is in a balanced state: almost exclusively focused on folding carton printing Offsctdruckereien market is stagnant, gravure printing market decline, Flexo printing market slightly increased, the digital printing market in its low starting point on a large increase.

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