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A Variety Of Color Box Printing Methods
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Compared with the general printing, the characteristics of color box printing products are mainly embodied in five aspects.

Now the big and small color box printing factory very many, has the professional packing bag printing, the packing box printing and so on, color box printing compared with the general printing, although there are many similarities in printing, but because the packaging color box applied to product packaging, different products on the form and performance requirements are different, and packaging color box shape has a wide variety, Color Boxes Printing so color box printing more diverse and complicated. Compared with the general printing, the characteristics of color box printing products are mainly embodied in those aspects?

1. Color box printing of various types of substrate changes large

General printing is usually printed on paper, and color box printing material is not only paper and paperboard, as well as corrugated, plastic, metal, glass, Color Boxes Printing ceramics and a variety of composite materials. Packaging color box with a variety of shapes, there are flat surface and irregular surface of the color box print. Therefore, the need for color-box printing products and different forms of printer.

2. Color box Printing Mode diversification

Color box printing except the conventional offset printing, gravure printing, Flexo printing and screen printing, in order to add some special decoration or functional effects, Color Boxes Printing in order to achieve visual effects to increase suction attention, usually also using special printing technology, such as stereo printing, laser holographic printing, LCD printing, combined printing.

3. Color box printing mode is flexible

Color box printing mode of production according to the requirements of products, Color Boxes Printing showing a distinctive characteristics, such as: varieties, specifications, good quality, high grade, printing volume from dozens of to million printed.

4. Packaging color box prepress prepress processing Complex

Color box Printing material diversification, paper box printing often need glazing, laminating, bronzing, die-cutting, such as processing technology, plastic packaging printing, Color Boxes Printing in order to increase the ink on the surface of plastic adhesion and eliminate static electricity, usually printed before the corona and other ways to the plastic prepress processing, metal packaging printing, prepress need to print ink, and after printing and need to print oil and stamping into cans and other operations processing.

5. The Color box printing product must satisfy the packing suitability

Color box printing products in order to meet the packaging process of filling content and a series of requirements for the process of packaging use, Color Boxes Printing must have some characteristics. such as: packaging packing, resistance to friction, content, water resistance, light resistance, odorless and suction-compelling.

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    Compared with the general printing, the characteristics of color box printing products are mainly embodied in five aspects.

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